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Yes, everything's a worry
In the life of a T.O.,
There's always so much hurry,
So much rushing to and fro,
There's always something pressing,
Some extra work to do,
And you never get a blessing
Whatever you put through.
From morning until evening,
In rain, and cold, and shine,
It is worry, hurry, scurry
In the Transport line.

The Q.M. wants a limber,
The Colonel wants his horse,
We've got to haul more timber,
And the usual work of course,
Send three men to headquarters,
Two kits to catch the train,
A team for the Trench Mortars,
Report your strength again.
From early morn till evening,
And even while I dine,
It's worry, hurry, scurry
In the Transport line.

The horses all need shoeing,
The grey has kicked his mate,
The harness wants renewing,
And the men get up too late;
The water cart is leaking,
The Sergeant's got the grippe,
The G.S.'s waggons squeaking,
There are twenty mules to clip.
There's always something needed,
And all the trouble's mine,
It's worry, hurry, scurry
In the Transport line.

Though the bullets whistled by me,
And the whiz-bangs made me sweat.
In the trenches wet and slimy,
Yet I wish I was there yet,
For they didn't always chase me,
By runner, wire or 'phone,
Or come in rage to face me,
Or speak in injured tone;
You're everybody's batman,
No work can you decline,
In the hurry, worry, scurry
Of the Transport line.

When this blessed war is over,
And I sit at home at ease,
I shall no more be a rover
With the Transport o'er the seas.
But the weather's most depressing,
And the whisky's getting low,
My cough gets more distressing,
So it's time for me to go;
Here's another message coming,
You can always tell the sign
Of the hurry, worry, scurry
In the Transport line.

by T.A. Girling
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Two Ways

You must give up your old way, your way is dirty:
there men go with greedy glances
and the word “happiness” you hear from every lip
and further along the way lies the body of a woman
and the vultures are tearing it to pieces.

You have found your new way,
your way is pure:
there motherless children go playing with poppies,
there women in black go talking of sorrow
and further along the way stands a pale saint
with his foot on a dead dragon’s neck.
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A student of philosophy, eager to display his powers of argument, approached Diogenes, introduced himself and said, "If it pleases you, sir, let me prove to you that there is no such thing as motion." Whereupon Diogenes immediately got up and left.
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(1) Cherry-Vanilla Mr. Pibb. I once was blind, but now I see.


(3) Die Hard (no, I'd never seen it)

(4) Air conditioning

(5) Bed
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"I'm glad for the sake of the Vor that you haven't just abandoned your father's liegeman. There's not many of us left who care enough to, enough to . . . I don't know how to say it."

"Who care enough to make Vor real," suggested Miles.

"Yes," said Vorberg gratefully. "That's right."

"Damn straight, Vorberg."
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"Why am I this way? Why do I do what I do?" But what will you do with that information? What good is it? If you were an android, would it change you to know why you were programmed the way you were? "Why" is masturbation, "why" is the enemy, the only question that matters is, now what?
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Mina: Well, I am the Patron Saint of Popemobiles
me: how are you the patron saint of popemobiles
Mina: How is anyone the patron saint of anything?
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A month and a half ago, I married Mina off to Richard III with the dastardly help of Rowan.

Mina: Right now I am far too preoccupied with politics and divorce papers to worry about that sort of thing
me: Divorce papers?
Mina: :)
me: .........You know for someone who is allegedly into having a lord and master, you sure toss them around with a surprising amount of ease

I guess...You know what, I'm not going to finish that sentence. I have yet to fulfill my "get smashed a few hours before leaving Korea" tradition.

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I love and collect these pieces for the joy they bring me in fulfilling my ideas of beauty and spirituality. It is the mystical experience as exemplified in the faces of these images, the manner in which they are ornamented, and the beauty and technique of the craftsmanship in fulfilling this rendering that interests me most. I think the average Western collector responds similarly. If one gets caught up in the religion or a spiritual quest alone, then the art becomes a minor issue: they generally do not go together. I do not know of any serious collector who is a devotee of the religion.

I think it would be much easier to say "Yeah, we're the same as other hippies, only rich."
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It would be difficult to name a subject that has puzzled the learned world so much and for so long, as the accurate delineation of the character of that wonderful and unchanging people, the Chinese.


As the nineteenth century wore on, however, the model of knowledge as an encyclopedic whole dissolved and was replaced with one where knowledge was parsed into finer and finer disciplinary units. This only compounded the problem of where to fit Asians and their civilizations. As one writer put it, "In what category to place them must puzzle the psychologist."

(It's from 1838.)


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