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Today I discovered that engineers do not pee, and that bathrooms at MIT are considered optional.

The only reason authorities did not apprehend a camo-clad Kate running through the halls of MIT shrieking "I NEED TO PEE I NEED TO PEE" is that they weren't fast enough I have iron-clad self control and did not, in fact, give into the the temptation to run shrieking through the halls of MIT.

In about the fourth building I went into, I finally found a men's room. There was no women's room so, mindful of my attire and haircut, I went in and peed. I was worried that people who saw me coming out would Know, but the first people I saw were a group of MIT boys, and I remembered that the sort of men who go to MIT are all skinny, pale computer nerds who can't grow a beard. I FIT RIGHT IN.
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Gwaihiril [to Person]: You are not allowed to die by suffocation.
Me: But burning is okay!
Gwaihiril: Or by anything else! And you [turning to me] are not allowed to burn anyone at the stake!
Person: I actually prefer suffocation to being burned alive.
Gwaihiril: But fire.
Person: I agree that fire is awesome, but being on fire...
[science science blah blah]
Gwaihiril: ...But wait, if you became fire, wouldn't you become awesome?
Person: Well...
Gwaihiril: HAHA I win.
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I went to the dentist. They yelled at me, and then we had this scintillating conversation:

Dentist: Is your mother still ornery as ever?
Me: aauughawugle!

One of these days I will bite his fingers.
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John and Joe come into a room. Noise gradually ascends to shouting. I wake up. I tell them to shut up. ABSOLUTE SILENCE for thirty seconds. Then whispering. Then talking. Then explosion noises. Then shouting. Repeat process.

I just went out into the room where they are. They're playing Obampoply. It's...Monopoly. Except they have scads of stuffed animals (the lime green monkey is a lawyer and the owl is a tax collector!) to serve as the politicos who arrange bailouts and recessions and everything. Dear Lord.


Aug. 26th, 2007 03:26 pm
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After arriving in Baltimore, we went to Sharpsburg. On Saturday--which I suppose is yesterday--we toured Antietam battlefield. Antietam is the bloodiest day in American history and the birth of modern emergency medicine.

History is important. But I don't really get more of a feel for what happened going to a battlefield than reading about it. I was standing in Bloody Lane trying to visualize, to some extent, what had happened there, but all I could see was a fat woman in an pink floral-print tanktop and too-tight shorts grinning into her cell phone.


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