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I am watching The Penguins of Madagascar, an animation series spinoff from Madagascar.

Private: Skipper, is it safe?
Kowalski: Technically speaking...maybe.


Skipper: Status report!
Kowalski: I am randomly pushing buttons while we spin out of control, sir!
Skipper: Can I push one? I'd feel better.

Private: We're taking fire!
Skipper: We're also giving some.

Skipper: We just can't reschedule scheduled maintainence that's been scheduled right on the schedule!

Lemur: I think...I'm getting an idea...Yes. It is definitely an idea, and I have it. Me!
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channel surfing

er, what...? oh! porn! guess i know what this tv was being used for the last time it was on...
church channel!
some American show that makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER but I suspect it is the old BSG
historical drama
Kay effuh see advertisement
more historical drama
martial arts drama in which an angry old lady with a cigarette and curling irons defeats the evil people & their skeletal musical instrument by screaming at them
political blabber
well that's weird
and that's...weirder
ok that's just crazy
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3. Pretty white people have a CHEMICAL GENETIC BRAIN TENDENCY to act as though screaming and flailing are more adequate defensive mechanisms than guns.*

4. CAPSLOCK OF SHOCK AND GORE! DSM IV quoting! Rape! Murder! Gross-out! Shock! Voyeurism!

*This is why humanity originated in Africa. We know this because our shows are backed by SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN SCIENCE!
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I found some stupid essays about the Firefly 'Verse. So I'm ranting.

River Tam is also a deeply problematic character. She shares a lot of similarities with the Actives in Dollhouse, of course, which would suggest that Joss may be working through some unresolved issues of his own. She’s the idealized woman in many ways: graceful, fragile, classically Hollywood beautiful. But she’s also unpredictable and extremely dangerous, a metaphor for the violent mood swings women are supposedly subject to, and she feels almost like an object in many of the episodes, not a person.

"She feels almost like an object in many of the episodes." Yup. She does; that's the fundamental conflict (weapon or girl?) that has to be worked out. The government views her as an object, treats her as an object, and has an official policy designating her as an object to be sold back to them. She also doesn't talk much, has been written off as Resident Crazy Girl, and she behaves in an exaggeratedly passive way most of the time (I think she's doing this deliberately, to protect Simon). Even she's not sure what, not who, she is. That's not about sexually objectifying women, that's about (if big themes must be brought in) the government objectifying its subjects.

She's "unpredictable and extremely dangerous" because a fascistic government fucked up her brain, not because she's a girl. Schizophrenia is not a metaphor for PMSing. And you're really dumb. NEXT?!

in which having a courtesan as a respectable character is close-minded, Zoe is too subservient, Kaylee is too unfeminine, River is too sexy, Saffron is a spunky feminist, and I wish I were making this up )


Sep. 15th, 2009 03:33 am
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101 Things to Love About Firefly

screencaps from still-flying.net, image hosting by freeimagehosting.net.

warning: image heavy, may reveal that my favorite characters are simon and river.

cut )
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Am watching Sarah Connor Chronicles. They're okay. I mean, they're Terminator--lots of chases and explosions and people throwing each other around and...unique humor. The plot is obviously trashed--sequels do that to time paradox stories--but it's fun because: KILLER ROBOTS FROM THE FUTURE.

One of the killer robots from the future uses a Mac.

It all makes sense now.
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It's just good. The plots are amusing, just the right quirky blend between cheesy and clever. They tend to mix dastardly supervillain plots with something not supposed to be evil (but totally is, once you think about it: TV psychiatry, the frat system, boy bands, tubas).

There are also a lot of references, quotes, and sometimes self-conscious theft (Holy Terra Cotta T2, Batman!). It's hard to do that and not be either as pretentious as a TS Eliot poem or a worthless knockoff, but they pull it off. The references are fun if you get them, but the show isn't the sum of its allusions.

The dialogue is criticized for being too crowded or fast, but seriously? It's fine. If you don't catch it the first time, watch it a second time. Or a seventeenth. Or, in my case, a thirty-ninth. It's all good. :D :D :D :D

Actors: Matt Keeslar is so the character that I actually wasn't sure that the actor on the other side of the quantum singularity in the last episode was the same until my fourth time watching it. Natalie Morales's facial expressions are fantastic (and now make up the bulk of my usericons). And they're both eye candy. Liek woah. And even better, the show manages not to be pervy about it--except in episode 9, where it's deliberate.

What makes it work best, though, are the characters. MM is as serious as Mao Zedong's heart attack. WW is snarky and less obviously straight edge. Since Wendy is the main character, she develops a lot over the series. MM is static, but he's supposed to be. Their partnership, though, is not.

The situation is completely unrealistic (um, that's the point?), but somehow that doesn't matter when Wendy's giving her "Boss, if you're hearing this..." speech. It's also nice that the writers don't imbalance them. MM's the boss and WW's the trainee right until the end, but he doesn't do everything and her development doesn't edge out his accomplishments.

Minor characters: IDA. OMG. HEART. Lacey could easily be annoying, but she isn't--and another thing is, I like the fact that Wendy and Lacey are actually friends and not frenemies. Tyler is as awesome as he's supposed to be, although it was weird because I didn't believe that he wasn't Wendy's brother until after they'd had sex three times, and even then I had trouble...

Quibbles: special effects suck a couple of times. Oh, and I get that they probably did this for effect and because Natalie Morales is shorter than all the others--and of all the unrealistic things to pick on, it's the least outrageous--but...three inch heels? Seriously? ALSO, THE FACT THE SHOW WAS FRAKKING CANCELED.


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