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Today I found someone arguing that the Muslim who went batshit at Fort Hood was suffering from PTSD induced by "workplace bullying." This is completely correct; note that female Soldiers, who face intense workplace bullying in the Army, also massacre their coworkers on a regular basis.

And the mayor of Chicago thinks "guns" are responsible for the attack. This is also completely correct; witnesses all agree that two guns just meandered into an officially disarmed zone where absolutely nobody was armed (we're still not sure how that one happened, though leading rocket scientists hypothesize that guns are illiterate), and just shot forty people. It's a miracle that he allows his personal bodyguards to have those things at all, really.


Oct. 31st, 2009 06:49 am
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As early as August 1975, Pol Pot had urged members of the CPK to root out enemies implanted in its ranks, a process which would culminate in 1978 with accusations that some high ranking members of the Party had been working simultaneously for the CIA, the Vietnamese and the USSR.

So silly. They were obviously working for the Jesuits.
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Well, this is one way of dealing with swine flu...

a group of 4-H children who became ill were to be sent to the slaughterhouse shortly afterward.

...No, that's seriously what it says. I'd've thought the NY Times would have been a bit better about confusing grammar, but evidently not.
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Am watching Sarah Connor Chronicles. They're okay. I mean, they're Terminator--lots of chases and explosions and people throwing each other around and...unique humor. The plot is obviously trashed--sequels do that to time paradox stories--but it's fun because: KILLER ROBOTS FROM THE FUTURE.

One of the killer robots from the future uses a Mac.

It all makes sense now.
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Long-Suffering IFP Teacher: In fiction, you're constrained by time and grammar and linearity. Poets don't live in that world. That is why they all do lots of drugs.
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I was just looking up stuff about how common certain Meyers-Brigg personalities are. I actually went through each page and added up all the percentages they gave and discovered that only 58% of the American population has a personality. This seems more plausible than it did initially.
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"So apparently the Chinese started the Renaissance," I said, referring to what the back of a book I haven't read told me.

"Yes," said Tom. "There's also evidence the Italians started it."
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1. Always refer to the Roman Catholic church as "the Vatican." Always use active, decisive verbs and (if possible) adverbs that imply recent change. "Last Tuesday the Vatican arbitrarily condemned thirty thousand gay puppies to the bowels of hell" is a good example. Anything that implies that the Roman church is a community of often bumbling intellectuals who do not work in a vacuum and occasionally have motivations other than sex, money, and power should be avoided at all cost.

2. Headlines should be as salacious as possible. Your audience don't want information; they want something to jack off to. That is why "Girl murdered last Tuesday" is not an acceptable headline and "Sadistic killer lesbians shared bloodlust" is Pulitzer material.
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I will set up a new agency patterned after the erstwhile Office of Strategic Services. A modern-day OSS could draw together specialists in unconventional warfare, civil affairs, and psychological warfare; covert-action operators; and experts in anthropology, advertising, and other relevant disciplines from inside and outside government.

Cool! We could call it something like the "Central Intelligence Agency."


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