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Dismayed, Britomart at first pretends not to understand. She cannot bring herself to be severe with her hostess, believing her honestly, painfully, and mistakenly in love rather than angling for a bit of wanton fun. Inclined to pity Malecasta in light of her own painful love for an Artegall whom she has seen only in a crystal ball, Britomart next repels Malecasta politely--too politely...

The poem is poking fun at Britomart when it has her spring out of bed in her nightgown, grab her sword, and continue to threaten Malecasta with the weapon even after the hostess has fainted in terror...Britomart wrathfully swings her sword "here, there, and every where," the whole pack scatters, and then are youthful heroine stalks out. By treating Britomart's exaggerated fears comically, the poem partly counteracts her efforts to avoid intimacy by drawing a protective circle around herself.
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I found this while digging up stuff on the Faerie Queene, and I found an absolutely delicious primary source for you all! It of course has nothing to do with its supposed topic (it is not actually possible to defeat Britomart, and when you think of Paridell, think of this wimp) and everything to do with, well, things that are not English literature. All the formatting oddities stem from the fact I c&ped it from a PDF.

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Nothing ever changes, does it? They have been making the exact same argument for the past eleven decades (though not much before that). It's the exact same rhetoric, the exact same intellectual dishonesty, and the exact same desire to piss all over everything--anything--that is good. Guy was a bloody English critic and he refuses to let himself read Spenser aright, just so he can have a crack at making a point.

5 Things

Oct. 4th, 2010 11:50 am
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1. I watched Hellraiser and practiced combatives on Saturday!
2. I didn't die when the brakes on the truck finally went out!
3. The penguin is safe!
4. Christine is back safe!
5. Una.

You know, reading The Faerie Queene, I get the impression that the Red Crosse Knight is kind of a dim bulb. He's brave and holy, though, so I guess the fact he can't think his way out of a paper bag is okay. Sometimes I think Una wants to smack him, though.


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