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I remember George Orwell wrote an essay about how working at an old book shop destroyed the physical pleasure he formerly got from books and exposed him to undisguised insanity. I was looking through the Christianity section of a used book place for any Sayers/GKC/Williams/CSL I had previously not read. Two men in their middle thirties were talking some of the most distracted, pretentious rubbish I've ever heard about occultism.

One of them decided to start a conversation with me over my hat, which I got, ironically, from a man who met me by starting a really weird conversation with me when I was in a bookstore. It went from the hat to Arthurian romance pretty quickly. He told me that it started out as a group of legends about a king who fought the Anglo-Saxon invaders, but then it somehow it ended up in France, but Christopher Marlowe brought it back to English in Le Morte D'Arthur. I thought about outdoing the crazy by telling him that my father wrote no such thing, decided against it, and mentioned Sir Thomas Malory in a roundabout way.

He said he was interested in German things, though, and I gathered he meant German occultism or/and mysticism. I told him I was interested in Chinese history. "And you're still a Christian?" "Yes." I explained that Chinese philosophy had no allure for me because it's misogynistic. He mentioned the Elysian mysteries, gave a rambling account of a Hermann Hesse story that sealed my impression of him as a bit unhinged, and then told me about a German shoemaker who used the language of alchemy to tackle the problem of evil, and evidently influenced later German philosophy.


Jun. 7th, 2008 02:58 am
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Said Mom, "Do you have any idea what on earth this is?"

She showed me a piece of notebook paper with green, girlish writing on it.

I googled and found that it's a sort-of analysis of an Ibsen play. My mom announced that she "will be seriously disturbed if Joe cannot explain where this came from, because I would hate to think that Ibsen is crawling around my house."


Nov. 1st, 2007 02:30 am
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So last night, I went bar-hopping.

It was an extremely surreal experience. At about 8:00 my mentor told me that she and her friends were going to Fell's Point, would I like to come? Um, sure (what's Fell's point?). Do you have a costume? No. Well, GET ONE. (ah, Fell's Point is a costume party.) I dressed up as Todd and Penguin from Todd and Penguin because it takes very little effort for me to look like a boy and I have a penguin.

So I showed up at her friend's apartment at 10:15ish. Hallowe'en H2O was on, and it was stupid. I really have a very low opinion of horror movies. I'm sure sociopaths and serial killers exist, but I don't think any of them can survive being shot, axed in the throat, and beaten with a fire extinguisher.

We got in a cab and went to Fell's Point. We got out and we made several discoveries.

(1) Fell's Point is notable for bars.
(2) I am eighteen years old.
(3) I have no ID.
(4) They are carding.

So I stood outside of bars for three hours last night/this morning with my penguin. Other people's costumes were actually interesting. Cowboys, M&Ms, Shrek and Donkey, fire, cowboys, firemen, policemen, Indiana Jones, a jerky Boston Red Sox fan, and more whores than I thought possible (though I'm not sure those last two were actually costumes). I also saw a great deal of drunks, including one of my mentor's friends.

Friend: I'm not going to take that boy home!
Mentor: Indeed?
Friend: No! His name is Kelly. It's a girl's name!
Mentor: Ah.
Friend: But he's a good kisser.
Mentor: Okay, but you see the heading Tee Em Eye? File this under that.

the highlight of the evening was this:

Random Drunk: [sprawls out on a car hood because she can't stand up]
Random Drunk's Friend: Get up!
Random Drunk: ....
Random Drunk's Friend: Get up! DAMN IT GET UP.
Random Drunk: [gets up]
Random Drunk: [falls] Hee!
Random Drunk's Friend: Hmph!
Random Drunk's Other friend: What will we do?
Random Drunk's Friend: I don't know! We're standing in a pool of syphilis!

I'm not so sure that they weren't.

We finally found a bar that didn't card, so I got in and they were going to order me a virgin something. The moment we got in--BAR FIGHT! We ran outside again because they were going to call the cops and didn't need to be around that. Bar Fight Guy left, and then we went back in. Then they shut the bar down.

So much for bars!


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