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The term in English is derived from the Chinese 洗脑 "clean/wash the brain", used to describe the combination of torture and propaganda-barrage used on U.N.-aligned troops, mostly U.S. Americans, during the Korean War in order to extract false confessions for use in broader propaganda. The actual efficacy of any form of brain washing, from torture to subtle persuasion to drugs to hypnotism, is highly disputed. It is generally held that such techniques can be very good at extracting compliance from the victim, but true ideological turn-about à la the books and film 1984 or The Manchurian Candidate is not to be expected

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If this is true, which it probably isn't, then it's the best thing I've ever heard about Kerry.

This is the same guy who
(a) is behind the most detailed claims that McCain is a brainwashed Soviet operative
(b) forged several photos
(c) beat up and was jailed for beating up a McCain staffer
(d) stole more than $300,000 from the people who are behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and avoided paying the copyright infringement fee by liquidating the company
(e) told a family their son had been hacked to bits by the Vietnamese as a publicity stunt
(f) did not apologize after the son returned alive and unhacked

And a bunch of other things. He's a skeezeball.

ETA: Oh Dear God, the man even went after Bush senior.

ETA 2: Well, it seems that the "McCain is a manchurian candidate" thing is only in existence because of Sampley.
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It seems clear that Billary as a combat team are on the whole less likely to follow orders from the banking establishment than the Manchurian candidate Obama, who has no record, stands for nothing, and seems to have no loyalties to anything

Y'don't say.

Wow, I read a lot of crazy stuff. Research, it's for you.
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It would seem that google books has gotten smarter about some of the ways to get around the page limitations. Well, I want to read this entire book so I guess I'm just going to have to go from computer to computer, searching for these phrases until I've found everything I want...And then get the actual book through interlibrary lone next semester.

The fear of brainwashing was also the source of several films. An underlying assumption of many of these war films is that American soldiers were weak 34

addresses the problem of Communist indoctrination (which was quickly labeled brainwashing), a topic which captured the fantasy of the American people 79

The legacy of the Korean War has left the viewer with images of brainwashing and mind control, rather than on the scars inflicted by the war itself 45

despite its many flaws and limited accuracy, the film did provide a strong introduction to the experience that has been identified as "brainwashing" 57

in a whole series of "brainwashing" films. "Korea came along too soon after the real big one," Robert MItchum says 11

addresses the question of how one is to resist extreme mental punishment, and the refined techniques of brainwashing developed by the enemy 92


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