Jul. 19th, 2007 02:19 am
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to my immediate left there is a red biohazard bag with a cup of urine in it. and a stethescope (sp?) on my calculus book, and various patients' charts on top of my detective novel (which I'd time to finish this morning, and was disappointing).

the cause of the chaos is the second of the two "acuity-one" (patients are classified according to acuity levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, 5 being the sort of idiot who abuses the emergency room and 1 being on death's doorstep or perhaps a little bit over the threshold) patients I've seen here. Since we're not a trauma hospital, the most dramatic thing we get is people who think they're going to have a heart attack. But it seems that every once in a while someone comes here to die.

a while ago, the fattest woman I have ever seen (the fattest woman I have ever pushed up a hill in a wheelchair, at any rate) came in. She couldn't even get out of the car herself, and after he finally got her out, the car, which had been tilted heavily to the side, moved back up.


Aug. 10th, 2006 01:31 am
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One of the techs/nurses/whatever today was attempting to figure out what her shirt said. It was white with colored squares on it, and each square had a Chinese character. She wanted to know what it means, and the owner of Angels and Demons, who knew I was going to China, asked me to translate. one of them was woman (the nu part here: The pattern had it turned on its side so it looked kind of sort of (not really) like a "V". She was impressed I knew the character for woman, and asked which way would I write it, so I wrote it right side up.

"You know," said the obnoxious owner of Dan Brown books, "That's kind of weird." Before I could explain the evolution of the pictogram into a character, he went on: "Because the symbol of woman is actually a chalice. Like you know, the symbol of the woman looks like this (he drew a V) and the symbol of the man looks like this (he drew a ^-shaped thingy). It's just like yin and yang (he indicated his necklace)! See, the Star of david is a perfect union of man and woman!"

Right, because the Chinese made their language with vacuous Western symbolism symbology in mind. It's not as though the radical for woman at one point in time several thousand years ago was a literal picture of a kneeling woman--nothing symbolic symbological to it--or anything like that.

And then:

"So what will you be doing in China?"
"Learning Mandarin."
"Oh, I thought you were learning Chinese."
"Mandarin is a dialect of Chinese."
"Oh, so it's like a different language?"


Aug. 10th, 2006 01:28 am
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"I really like Chinese stuff! Like their cartoons--" "Like Pokemon?" said another one of them. "Yeah, like that. And the ones with the gigantic eyeballs?" "Anime?" I offered. "Right!"



Aug. 3rd, 2006 01:29 am
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A woman came into the ED today with a neck she had a neck fracture. I thought she looked kind of weird and very, very old for a woman the age listed on her chart (which was fairly young), and attributed it to the support collar, which does look very odd. I caught sight of her left cheek just as I was leaving the room and realized (a) that the reason she looked like hell was that she had been beaten up and (b) black (as opposed to simply purplish) eyes really do exist. I don't know if the hospital has an obligation to report it, but I heard two nurses discussing an abused woman and calling adult protection social services.

Another person came in wanting a urine analysis. Evidently wanted to make sure the ecstasy was out of the system because was (in the words of the parents, who for some reason had come) reverting to being high every once in a while.

A man came in by ambulance. He didn't have to come; he was dying. But he did come, and they did CPR and the zap thingy for 45 minutes. They couldn't get his heartbeat to stick, though, and they were so busy with the zap thingy that they didn't do compressions constantly. consequently, the blood flow to his brain was interrupted. They also injected a hell of a lot of drugs in the hope that they'd excite his heart. That didn't work, so they told his family things were looking bad and asked permission to knock it off. Family refused. Worked on him for another 35 minutes, and finally sent him up to the heart lab. They finally got the heartbeat to stick, but the only thing that is alive about him is his heartbeat. His mind's not there anymore--the interruption of bloodflow killed his upper brain.
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Student #1: So I rewrote Berkeley's work so that he wouldn't have to rely on God, but on consensus!

Student #2: Well, Hume's point of view makes it more exciting! It's like you get a spiritual kick out of lighting a candle because you're not certain that it won't turn into a bottle of water!



Apr. 26th, 2006 11:15 pm
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My physics teacher asked me, and I quote verbatim, "So, are you Republican because your parents are Republican or have you actually thought it through?" WTF?
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Student: *punches other student's shoulder*
Teacher: I didn't expect you to hit her THAT hard! Do it again.


Apr. 2nd, 2006 11:10 pm
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friend: papist!
me: heretic!
friend: *upset*
you just burnt me at the stake!
me: I also just hugged you.
friend: yes, my CHARRED CORPSE.
me: *awkward*


Feb. 18th, 2006 08:47 pm
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This morning, I dreamt that Italy and Germany were on the verge of declaring nuclear war on each other over, for some reason, the Muhammad Cartoon hullabaloo, and that once Germany armed itself, it was inevitable. My AP European History teacher thought this suitable material for a Document Based Question, and the document packet he gave us contained a Platonic dialogue, a random diatribe written by some guy in Nineveh, and a detailed map of German suburbia.
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Mr Sapienza: Ashanti!
Ashanti: What?
Ashanti: What?
Mr Sapienza: You don't think it'd be funny if Andy Hammond finally snapped and defenestrated Bobby?
Ashanti: *giggles*

Elizabeth: I'm a romantic because we need a purpose. It's depressing to get up in the morning and realize that life has no meaning.
Leo: It is not.
Elizabeth: You think your life has no meaning.
Leo: It doesn't.
Elizabeth *waves arms about in flustered manner*: How can you LIVE WITH YOURSELF?! How can you get out of your bed in the morning?
Leo: *laughs*


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