A Dream

Feb. 12th, 2010 03:50 am
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I had a dream where I was shot in the face. A lot. By gnomes. I am not kidding.

See, there was an epic war going on between the good guys the gnomes. Who were aided by the...Soviets. Who have moles in my ROTC battalion. And the only possible solution was to shoot them.

Well, in order to shoot, you need to have loaded guns, and in order to have guns, you need to load them with the correct ammunition! So I kept frantically searching through boxes and boxes of ammunition so we could hold off the gnome onslaught. Unfortunately, each box had maybe 10 different calibers of ammunition, and I couldn't find the right one, and...and...and...! And just when I'd found a box of .45 ACP (which is a real ammunition, but I didn't know I knew that until I woke up and googled it), the Soviet mole stole it!!

And then the gnomes crossed the river and shot me in the face six or seven times, and kept going until I woke myself up.

The moral of the story is: do not take naps after PT.
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Yesterday I had a visit from an "incubus," or sleep paralysis that takes the form of a sexually aggressive masculine whatsit sitting on my back (it normally sits on the chest, but I was on my stomach).

I recognized it as sleep paralysis and concluded that was actually the reason that I couldn't move, but...I couldn't consistently wake up. I'd manage for a few seconds, couldn't move, and then would go back to sleep. Then I felt it slide my comforter off, and that finally gave me the will to wake up. The blankets still on in real life, but I couldn't get back to sleep after that. Rar.

A Dream

Feb. 10th, 2009 06:05 pm
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Okay so I sent an e-mail to Mater that included this:

On a more disturbing note, I dreamt you got eaten by chickens. Please assure me that the reverse is true?

Her reply was

Get out! What an awesome dream! Next time, make it leopards.

A Dream

Apr. 25th, 2008 03:59 am
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"It's beautiful. Does Florida always look like this?" I asked Rowan. We were at her house, outside for some reason. The sky was a remarkably clear blue, except for a place (at about 11:00) that was black and filled with stars and a magnificent half-moon.

"No," she replied.

"It's not even possible, is it? This must be a dream."

"Yes. And if it weren't a dream, I would explain why physics wouldn't let this happen."

Then the entire sky turned that way but my mother told me I was making it up ("except for that shadow over Alaska, near the Bering Strait").


Nov. 29th, 2006 01:47 am
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I had a dream last night in which the devil wrote me a letter about my "secret gluttonies" on Microsoft Word and put it in my school mailbox. He signed it "Satan."


Feb. 18th, 2006 08:47 pm
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This morning, I dreamt that Italy and Germany were on the verge of declaring nuclear war on each other over, for some reason, the Muhammad Cartoon hullabaloo, and that once Germany armed itself, it was inevitable. My AP European History teacher thought this suitable material for a Document Based Question, and the document packet he gave us contained a Platonic dialogue, a random diatribe written by some guy in Nineveh, and a detailed map of German suburbia.

A Dream

May. 4th, 2005 10:43 pm
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This morning, I had a nightmare about imminent civil war between American Catholics and Protestants. Apparently some Protestant had killed several Catholics and the Catholics were pissed off and the Protestants were pissed off because the Catholics found out. And a Protestant said, "The Catholics martial a front so organized that they appear to be disorganized. They can wage GRASSROOT GUERILLA CAMPAIGNS!"


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