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Drew: Cat puked.
me: on what?
Drew: The dog.
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Day 1. We--his lordship Sir Philip Ostrich-Yu III and I--have set out to tame the wild, unknown hinterlands of HRM Mother's colony Bed Room.

Day 5. We had to negotiate our way past a gaggle of pirates, knights, and Confederate soldiers. They had little spirit, however, and were soon relegated to the place we jocularly call the toy bin.

Day 7. Discovered hitherto-unknown deposits of a strange, unpleasantly odiferous mineral that the natives refer to as Lawn Dree. His lordship recommended that we take as much of it as we could find and send it back to HRM Mother via HMS Hamper.

Day 11. We are lost amid the mountains (dubbed the Book Mountains for their shape and texture. His lordship blames me for not listening to him, but I rather blame him as his head is full of cotton.

Day 18. We have at last found a way out of the labyrinth of the Books, but now we are in the less hospitable Closet Canyon, which appears to have been used by an ancient civilization as a collection ground of some place, perhaps a landfill. His lordship has arranged for an archaeological dig.

Day 26. The natives Sir Philip recruited for the dig fled. They fear something, I think a demon (these natives and their superstitions!), named Garr Buhjj. We must press on. It seems that there are a great deal of left shoes, so I am thinking that we must have hit on the remains of a weird cult that approved of the use of left shoes to worship this Garr Buhjj.

Day 30. Have resumed dig with another set of natives who do not seem to fear the wrath of demons. We have discovered some right shoes buried underneath a deposit of Lawn Dree, and are not sure what to make of it, as this suggests Lawn Dree is a man-made material.

Day 31. We have entered another part of the cave, and have found some records of this old civilization, stored on books shaped like boxes. While the script is astonishingly like that of English, the meaning isn't, viz. "Easy Mac."

Day 41: Some of the enlisted men have noted that we "made the bed." I can only assume that this is another one of those impenetrable slang terms that the lower class inexplicably manage to communicate in. (from arthur)


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